The company VENIERI BROS GP accepts product returns that meet the following terms and conditions:

  • Product returns are accepted within 10 calendar days from the date of receipt.
  • Products on their return must be accompanied by the relevant sales document (e.g., receipt or invoice).
  • The products must be in the condition in which you received them, their packaging has not been opened, they have not been used, soiled or are in any condition other than their original condition. Spare parts and accessories with traces of contact or wiring will not be accepted.
  • In case of defective product, the customer returns the product in the same way he received it, with shipping costs to our company. We check the product and if it is found to be defective, we replace it or return its value.
  • Returns of products that have been manufactured or ordered or imported specifically for the customer are not accepted. Products that when you order "SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT" or "PRODUCT WITHOUT RETURN RIGHT" are not returned.
  • Returns of products such as: boards, timers, automations, thermostats, sensors, filters, concerning any device and brand are not accepted.
  • Σε περίπτωση σφάλματος της εταιρείας μας, αντικαθιστούμε το προϊόν με το σωστό, αναλαμβάνοντας τα έξοδα αποστολής ή επιστρέφουμε τα χρήματα που αντιστοιχούν στην αξία του προϊόντος και των εξόδων αποστολής.
  • In case of incorrect ordering of products through the fault of the customer (e.g., stated wrong brand, model, code, etc.) and wishes to return them will be done after consultation with our company. In this case the shipping costs are borne by the customer.
  • In case of product return, the customer must inform us by email at or by phone at +302106449911 before returning. Returns without prior notice will not be accepted.
  • Returned products are the responsibility of the customer until they reach our company. The customer is responsible for the correct packaging of the returned products and that they will not be damaged during transport.
  • In case of error of our company and the customer wishes the return of the value of his order, the return is made only through ALPHA BANK bank account. If the customer wishes a refund to another credit institution, the interbank charges set by the respective bank will be charged. The refund is completed after receiving the returned products and checking that they are in their original condition as they were sent. In any case, prior consultation must have taken place.
  • Returned products will be sent explicitly and only with the courier we work with. In any case, communication with our company must have preceded in order to notify the courier of the return. Products that are returned without prior consultation or with a different courier from the partner, shipping costs are borne by the customer.
  • Returns we receive outside our policy terms will not be accepted. In case the products do not meet the above conditions, they will be returned to their sender with a shipping fee of the same.

The return address is:

Panormou 5 Athens
Post Code 11522
Telephone: +302106449911


You can cancel your order, if you wish, free of charge, provided that the status of your order has NOT changed to SENDED. Cancellations of orders exclude products of special order, construction or import that the customer has deposited in advance or has been discounted. For more information call +302106449911 or inform us by email at